Can you make Mana profits simply by voting with the majority every day on every market?
May 12
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This seems like a natural consequence of subsidy I will not actually test this so resolution will just be based on my judgement

agrippa 7 days ago

I never reached a determination sorry

JiSK bought M$10 of NO12 days ago

I would expect that if there is a bias on this axis, it goes the other direction.

Austin bought M$10 of NO15 days ago

Hm I see. I'm not super convinced -- something like "the cost of capital lockup plus trading fees" should far outweigh the mana injection from daily free markets. I guess we'll see! By the same token, you might say that you can make profits simply because people are joining all the time and adding M$ to the ecosystem. I don't think that's exactly right, you still have to outperform people/have alpha, otherwise someone smarter will capture the gains instead of you