Will Yevgeny Prigozhin be imprisoned or deceased by end of August?
resolved Sep 1

Yes = he is publicly known to be imprisoned (in Russia, or any other place), or to be deceased - or it can be inferred as very likely from public sources

No = not the case

I might resolve Prob if it's some unclear in-between situation, a-la Kim Jong-Il in the last months of his stay on this Earth, blessed be his name

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It's ridiculous this is not resolved yet! Maybe Queen Elizabeth death market should being unresolved now just in case to make a certain she doesn't rise from tomb!

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@Mirek They haven’t found his body. The implication that these two scenarios are anything alike is ridiculous.

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@ShadowyZephyr pretty sure they recovered bodies but haven't confirmed anything definitively.

@ShadowyZephyr You just worried about diamond rank shyster.

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@Mirek has Queen Elizabeth faked her death before? :))

@Mirek yeah my 25 mana in this market is what'll make the difference i'm sure

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@Haws They have discovered bodies now. I don't think they had when I wrote this comment.

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u can see two.. it looks like atleast two crumpled bodies in one of the video clips that was released at the beginning when the crashed first happened

Will we know enough for this market to resolve by tomorrow?

By the end of the week?



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Is current media coverage enough to resolve this market as a YES or do you take into consideration that it might have been a conspiracy? (inb4 I have my tinfoil hat on and its Russia we're talking about)

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@MrLuke255 Certainly no need to rush with resolving until the dust settles or proof of some sort emerges

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@lukres Agreed, it's definitly worth waiting. The many disguises saga shows he is (was?) the kind of person who actively takes measures against being assassinated, so not entirely implausible that he wasn't on the plane. If he is still alive we should know pretty soon.

I say this as someone holding a bunch of “yes he died” shares, but a private plane crash seems like a great way to surreptitiously move to Fiji and have the world believe you’re dead.

Although the fact that it was shot down makes me think this is less likely.

@DanMan314 How do you know it was shot down?

@DanMan314 If it was a conspiracy, they would also post something like this

I'm too slow!