Will I regret publishing something?
Oct 1
M$85 bet
Resolves to YES if between market open and close I say / otherwise make publicly known something in a public forum and end up regretting it. "Being anxious about it" on its own doesn't count, unless I actually reflectively endorse "yes, this was a bad decision, it had bad consequences / it nearly could have had, I should not have done that". Things that count as public forums include Manifold Markets, publicly joinable Telegram groups, my website, my social media, etc. One reason why I'm wondering is because I shared some details of my health on Manifold recently (see my other markets). I currently think it's probably been OK, but it's the sort of thing conventional wisdom would tell you to not tell strangers. I wonder whether I'll end up regretting doing that, or whether from this experimentation with being more open about relatively private stuff I'll end up doing something I regret. I do not expect or want to, like, fully open my internal thinking and private life to the public, but I think that, for example, in the case of the health stuff I shared, it's information that won't hurt me or anyone else to make public, and it might let me delegate more things to the hivemind.
To clarify, is it "Will I regret publishing this thing I am thinking about" or "Will there be something I later regret having published"?
@JoyVoid either - "will there be something i later regret having published". Thing doesn't necessarily have to be published in the market open window. The regret has to come in the market open window, and has to be new regret (that i didn't have before market open)