Will Poland use its M1 Abrams tanks in combat?

Poland has recently acquired the Abrams tanks for its army.

Resolves "YES" if they are used in combat against a foreign or domestic enemy by the Polish armed forces.

Resolves "NO" when the last tank is phased off service.

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They willl send it to Ukraine and this option is not clear how to count.
Also, the deadline is unclear. So I'm confused to vote.

predicts NO

@AlexanderZ I understood it wouldn't count because "used [...] by the Polish armed forces."

predicts YES

@StefanHolstein Exactly, I originally added this clause to ensure tanks given away or sold are not counted.

predicts YES

@AlexanderZ The deadline is as long as the M1 tanks are in service of the Polish armed forces, including in reserve or storage

@lukres It is a proverb "any rifle will shoot someday".

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