If I organize Manifold Model UN, how many people will want to play?
resolved Feb 1

For context, see this Substack post and discussion on Discord.

Resolves N/A if Manifold Model UN isn't organized or I'm not involved with it.

Close date updated to 2023-01-31 8:59 pm

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I'm including both Martin Randall (said he wanted to join) and @JuJumper (expressed interest but hasn't joined the Discord)

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I'm going to resolve this based on how many players there are at the end of the month.

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@JuJumper do you have a Discord account? We're organizing on the Manifold discord server?

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Picking a random dictator (1 = Austin, 2 = Дмитрий Зеленский, 3 = Timothy Currie, 4 = Isaac King)

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@FairlyRandom 5

(picking futarchy player to reassign to democracy - 1 = Zoli, 2 = RiverBellamy, 3 = Jack, 4 = Milli, 5 = JuJumper)

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@a actually I think I can make this work without reassigning any of the futarchy people, at least not yet

I just realized that this market will be pushed higher because if there aren't enough players for me to organize it it resolves N/A...

So far only 2 people have said they wanted to play, which isn't nearly enough. I think if there are 5-7 people it could be made to work.

@a I'd be interested in being the (a? Maybe there should be multiple, to take out the variance of one bad decision?) dictator.

@IsaacKing So far there are 4 prospective dictators and 6 prospective futarchy citizens; I might force some people to form a democracy.

@a Yeah I thought that might happen. Democracy is the boring one.

What if people were just assigned randomly?

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@IsaacKing Random assignment could work for democracy and futarchy, but being a dictator is a higher time commitment since you have to come up with policies on your own, so I don't want to make anyone a dictator who doesn't explicitly want it.

@a Randomly pick a dictator from among the people who offered to be a dictator, randomly assign the rest to democracy and futarchy.

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@a Just in case it works like that, I'll mark myself as one of those who voted for dictatorship! 😂 Futarchy vs. dictatorship may still be interesting.

Hang on I have a better idea. We have three dictatorships, each of which is determined by one of the modes of government being tested.

  • One dictator is determined by a vote among everyone playing the game.

  • One dictator is determined by prediction markets on who would be the most successful dictator.

  • One dictator is determined by fiat by @a, as the game organizer.

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@IsaacKing I have very few priors about who would make a good dictator, so I would probably pick randomly for my fiat anyway. I think we'll get more information for a prediction market on who will be a successful dictator after the game has begun, so it would be best to start with just the elected dictator and the random dictator, and add the third one later.

(I like that this lets more people be dictators, though, which is apparently popular!)

Dude one of my buddy's hosts a HUGE model UN conference in Chicago for high schoolers in February, maybe March called CIMUN. I think we should organize it for them. It's like 5,000 high school kids. They will probably even pay us. I am totally serious I already pitched this to @SirSalty a few months back.

@BTE I would still be open to exploring this further. If you wanted to intro email me to them that would be great!

They are the experts at organising them so I don't think it would make sense for us to take that portion of it on. But if there is a way to incorporate Manifold that would enhance the experience then I am all for that!