Will OpenAI release GPT-5 before the US elections (2024)?
Dec 4

If something insane happens and the elections is postponed, then the market will update itself to the new election date\

Release is to the public, not to red teamers or safety testers or extremely limited betas

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How does this resolve if their next major model is not called "GPT-5", but rather, say, a name like Claude or Grok (or anything else for that matter)?

@benshindel hedge

because if "GPT-5" is not released before elections, this resolves to NO

@firstuserhere oh I'm already very hedged on that front, but I'm actually shocked that market is so high! I bet it down a bunch

There might not be a GPT-5 at all

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Same question but for the "SORA" model:



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I bet they will release it soon

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this implies a ~35% chance it gets released in november or december? huh

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@Bayesian Rather, it implies 35% chance it doesn't get released until November.



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