Will a podcast with an AI system get >= 1 million listens/views by the end of 2024? ($400M subsidy)
Dec 31

By podcast, I mean an episode. A single podcast episode.

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@firstuserhere, some would say that to qualify as "a podcast" the media must be available via an RSS feed. If you can't use the podcast player of your choice, then it isn't a real podcast. What sayest thou?

@LukeHanks I wasn't going to add restrictions around the ability to distribute the media via RSS feed only, but after skimming the wikipedia page for podcasts, I'm inclined to agree to your suggestion

@LukeHanks But due to recent trends, youtube only podcast episodes will count for this market

@firstuserhere, I wonder about Spotify and Audible exclusives. Would you say that the rule of thumb is whether the creator or distributor calls it a podcast, then it qualifies as a podcast for the purposes of this market? I assume you're relying on self reported number of listens/views anyway.
Sorry if this is pedantic. I don't want people to make assumptions now and get into otherwise avoidable arguments later.

@LukeHanks Yes, if the creator or company markets it as a podcast I'd call it a podcast regardless of whether it's available to be added as a RSS feed. And I never mind clarifications, after all, that's what makes it a good and reliable market to trade into. I think most platforms do list number of listens/views, and an underlying assumption seems to be that these numbers will be available due to the nature of the platforms they're hosted on. If not, i could shoot an email to the creator for numbers, but idk if there's a better way

@firstuserhere, when you say "a podcast" you mean an individual podcast episode, correct?

@LukeHanks yes one podcast episode - edited description.

@HarryK nice!