Will Zvi Mowshowitz reveal he has created a discord server between now and July 1, 2022?
resolved Jun 20
You are welcome to make the case in the comments for why he should or should not do this.
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@jfjurchen I didn't run a prediction market on it but I was absolutely running the experiment of how long this would take to happen...
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Would join; Discord is how I do most online socializing and has been since pre-pandemic
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Hope you do too! Buying down a bit to subsidize though. Discord is super major to how Manifold operates; it's how we communicate day-to-day about business stuff, but also to chat with our creators and traders. Getting instant feedback about a feature proposal, or hearing about a bug report immediately, helps Manifold stay agile. We've found 2 of our hires (@mqp and @IanPhilips) through Discord! We started our server with just me/James/Stephen, but it was already useful with n=3 since we were a remote team and needed a way to communicate. It's since grown out to a thriving place where we work but also just hang out with our community members! (I often think that Manifold should implement something like Discord/live chat directly on our site, though, so it's an open question whether we'll still be on Discord in a year)
I hope you do - I've been looking for some new chat zones, and I've consistently enjoyed your writing since it was about competitive MtG. Shoot me an invite if you do, I'm TheSkeward#1111.