Will the NYT review of "Dune: Part Two" include both the words "indigenous" and "colonialist"?
resolved Feb 29

This market resolves YES if the first review (logged by Rotten Tomatoes) from the New York Times for "Dune: Part Two" uses both the words "indigenous" and "colonialist" in the text or title of the review.

For reference, the NYT (Manohla Dargas) review for "Dune" (2021) used both words:

drew from an astonishment of sources, from Greek mythology to Indigenous cultures...

The shadow of Lawrence of Arabia and colonialist fantasies does loom large,

Any close variants (or any spelling) of the same root word will count.

Some starting examples:

  • "Colonialism", "colonial", "colonialists", "colonist", "colonizer", "indigenousness", & etc would be variants of the same root words, and they would all count.

  • However, the word "colony" is a separate word with its own meaning (it can just describe place, separate from the colonialist structure), and it would not count.

  • “Native” has a similar meaning to “indigenous”, but it’s a different word, and would not count.

If any scenarios for resolution are unclear, please ask (and I'll add them to the examples).

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(I closed this because I didn’t want anyone betting NO without realizing it is essentially certain to be YES. I asked anyone who bet no to sell, and if anyone didn’t see the msg I’ll send ‘em the missing mana, don’t want any bets based on a misunderstanding. This will resolve YES tonight.)

@Ziddletwix can't believe I missed out on this easy win 😅 NYT doesn't miss a chance

@shankypanky the masses have spoken—i need to include more culture war buzzwords in my other movie markets

@Ziddletwix monetising the culture war/identity politics/etc is second only to having them not exist at all to begin with

bought Ṁ240 YES

Manohla Dargas, in the NYT: https://www.nytimes.com/2024/02/29/movies/dune-part-two-review.html

they find uneasy allies in a group of Fremen, the planet’s Indigenous population...

That film, with its white savior and the anguished colonialist history it evokes, hangs over “Dune” provocatively

I see fairly straightforward uses of both "indigenous" and "colonialist" (in fact, same phrasing as the market title). Thus, I plan to resolve this YES sometime after this review gets logged as the NYT's first review on Rotten Tomatoes. Please LMK before then if there's any concern/confusion about resolution.


The NYT review was officially logged by Rotten Tomatoes, and it directly uses the two words from the title, so it's settled. I'm resolving YES

Examples: the Empire review includes "colonialist" but not "indigenous". It uses "native", but that wouldn't count. The Vanity Fair review includes both words, and it would count.

@Ziddletwix Oh, “native” wouldn’t count? It has a very similar meaning.

@Santiago Nope synonyms don’t count—it’s too hard to define what is/isn’t the exact same meaning.

The “variants” is only intended for different ways to form the same word (e.g. “colonialism”). If there are any edge cases that are unclear you can ask and I’ll clarify in advance!

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