From the Hollywood Reporter, on Feb 8th, 2024:

IATSE Puts Strike Authorization Vote On the Table As Negotiations Near

The crew union says its negotiating committees for two major contracts are "not interested in extending [these agreements] beyond the July 31 expiration," and could either issue a ratification or strike vote around that time.

In 2024, both the WGA & SAG went on strike (for >100 days), bringing Hollywood to a standstill. IATSE—International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees—has over 150,000 members, and their contract will expire on July 31st. None of the concessions earned by the WGA & SAG apply to the current IATSE contract.

After the WGA & SAG strikes ended, many in the industry predicted that IATSE would threaten a strike to gain leverage in the negotiations. From a Variety headline in December:

Hollywood’s Labor Peace May Be Temporary, as IATSE and Teamsters Gear Up for a Fight

This question will resolve YES if news outlets report that IATSE is on strike (there has to be an actual labor stoppage, not just the threat of one). This question will resolve NO if 2024 ends and news outlets have not reported an IATSE strike.

If there are any corner cases that you feel are unclear, feel free to ask and I can clarify.

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