Will "Dune: Part Two" gross >$11.5 million (domestic) during its 5th weekend (March 29-31)?
resolved Apr 2

Source: BoxOfficeMojo—specifically the "Domestic" and "Weekend" tabs.

  • This market resolves YES if the weekend gross for March 29 - 31 is >$11,500,500.

  • For example, last weekend (March 22 - 24) "Dune: Part Two" grossed $17,606,784. This is the equivalent number I will use.

    • Thus, $11.5M would be a roughly ~35% drop from last weekend.

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@traders Actuals are in: $11,352,680. Resolves NO. Nail biter!

Dune continues its inevitable march on the Golden Path. I made a market for next week, setting the over/under at 7.5M.

bought Ṁ20,000 NO

@howahlah I will take the bets against this & obviously it's only Sunday morning so these are all just estimates and could easily be off, but just to lay cards on the table my current guess is that there's a mistake on the-numbers.com. They list the same gross for saturday & sunday which doesn't make any sense, and other sources are reporting a lower estimate (like 11M or so). (no need to follow on this, just laying my cards on the table for why i'm betting NO, if it's true that they made a mistake don't want people to be caught by surprise. and if they didn't make a mistake well then i'm losing some mana lol)

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