Will "Dune: Part Two" be #1 at the box office during its third weekend? (March 15-17)
resolved Mar 19

"Dune: Part Two" releases on March 1st. Its third weekend is March 15th-17th, where it will battle the second weekend for "Kung Fu Panda 4", and the opening weekend for "Arthur the King".

This market resolves YES if BoxOfficeMojo lists "Dune: Part Two" as the film with the highest domestic gross for the weekend of March 15th-17th.

  • I will use the "weekend" tab in BoxOfficeMojo to resolve this market.

  • For example "Dune" (2021) released on October 22nd, and in its third weekend at the box office (November 5-7), BoxOfficeMojo shows it as a distant #2 (grossing $7,790,194), miles behind the opening weekend for The Eternals at #1 (grossing $71,297,219) Link: https://www.boxofficemojo.com/weekend/2021W45/?ref_=bo_rl_table_3

  • I will use this same source, but for the weekend of March 15-17.

Other details:

  • I will use the weekend gross posted by BoxOfficeMojo, however it is defined.

  • For context, AFAIK typically the "weekend" is Friday/Saturday/Sunday, including Thursday previews for new releases, across all of North America. But that's just my informal understanding, not a rule for resolution—I will use their definition.

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@traders It's close, but the actuals are in, and KFP4 holds its lead (kids on spring break have a lot of free time). Resolves NO.

NEW MARKET: KFP has won two weekends straight—now that spring break is over, can Dune pass it?

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Just to clarify and make sure I'm understanding correctly, this is only the box office for the weekend of March 15-17, and there will be no cumulative values from previous weeks right? Just purely the numbers grossed from March 15-17 and that is what we are predicting, whether Dune 2 will be the highest?

@tsaitama Yup that’s correct. To use the example from the question description, on this weekend https://www.boxofficemojo.com/weekend/2021W45/, the comparison would have been eternals at over 70M Vs Dune at 7.8M (not dune’s total domestic gross up to that point, it’s a comparison over just that weekend)

ty for the clarification. I believe in Kung Fu panda!!! surely we win big here fr fr