Will "Dune: Part Two" be #1 at the box office during its second weekend? (March 8-10, dueling "Kung Fu Panda 4")
resolved Mar 11

"Dune: Part Two" releases on March 1st. Its second weekend is March 8th-10th, where it will battle the opening weekend for "Kung Fu Panda 4".

This market resolves YES if BoxOfficeMojo lists "Dune: Part Two" as the film with the highest domestic gross for the weekend of March 8th-10th.

  • I will use the "weekend" tab in BoxOfficeMojo to resolve this market.

  • For example "Dune" (2021) released on October 22nd, and in its second weekend at the box office (October 29-31), BoxOfficeMojo shows it at #1 (grossing $15,413,486), comfortably ahead of Halloween Kills at #2 (grossing $8,743,355). Link: https://www.boxofficemojo.com/weekend/2021W44/?ref_=bo_rl_table_2. I will use this same source, but for the weekend of March 8-10.

Other details:

  • I will use the weekend gross posted by BoxOfficeMojo, however it is defined.

  • For context, AFAIK typically the "weekend" is Friday/Saturday/Sunday, including Thursday previews for new releases, across all of North America. But that's just my informal understanding, not a rule for resolution—I will use their definition.

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Actuals are in, and it wasn't close. Resolves NO

The Dune train doesn't stop just yet! Check out my market for the total domestic box office after two months (and I'll post another market for Dune's box office in its 3rd weekend soon)

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Looks like this could be close. If you want to bet on the performance of "Dune: Part Two" directly, I made two markets for its second weekend gross: