Will David Zazlav's 2023 total compensation package be >$60 million? (Warner Brothers CEO)
May 2

In 2022, David Zazlav (the CEO of Warner Brothers Discovery Inc) earned a total compensation package of $39 million, as reported by Variety (and other outlets).

WBD stock is down almost 50% over the past year. However, Zazlav’s compensation is tied based on “free cash flow” (which has improved), not just the share price. Thus, many expect a controversial scenario where his total compensation increases despite the company's poor performance.

This market resolves YES if the media reports that the "total pay", "total compensation", or closest equivalent wording, for David Zazlav in 2023 is larger than $60,000,000.

Other details:

  • The announcement is expected in the next month or two.

  • My default source will be Variety, prioritizing an article that looks like the above source for 2022. This refers to "exec comp package", "total pay", and "compensation package" (of $39.3M). If Variety doesn't cover this, I will use any reputable outlet.

  • I don't expect that there will be any ambiguity with defining "total pay" (I will use whatever the media reports), but if scenarios are unclear, please ask.

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