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  • NOTE: "Civil War" just premiered at SXSW, and some reviews have already been published—I'm still running this market because I expect many reviews to be held until release, so the Rotten Tomatoes score could shift quite a bit.

  • I will use whatever precision is listed by Rotten Tomatoes (typically an integer percentage, no decimal, and ties resolve NO).

  • Example: the Tomatometer for Alex Garland's earlier (masterpiece) "Ex Machina" is currently 92%.

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@traders Resolves NO. Final score 81%. Happy final-weekend-of-Manifold-subsidized-liquidity! Get your bets in now, no matter how small, if you want any of these markets to have liquidity in May 🙏. Place your bets on the Rotten Tomatoes scores for FURIOSA and DEADPOOL 3:

I have seen the movie. It's fresh but not having a good pace, the young actress is not that good, in a word, it has some apparent flaws. It's now 82%. I don't think it has any potential to go up.

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reminder: it's absolute more than 82%, not more than or equal to 82%

@LingzhiYang Yes it would need to climb to 83% to resolve YES (although it’s very very close, probably just a few reviews)

@Ziddletwix I'm surprised the score remained so high for a week. The movie in comparison is Oscar winner Crash released year 2004, only had score 74%.

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is plagiarism plagiarism when it’s cited?

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First reviews are out: RT’s summaries

I’m incredibly excited. Annihilation is still one of the scarier movies I’ve ever seen, and I loved it. I’m here for whatever Alex Garland is serving

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