Which upcoming celebrity memoir will have a higher rating on Goodreads: RuPaul, or Ghostface Killah?
Jun 21
Ghostface Killah57%

This market is a competition between the memoirs of two notable artists, released in the coming months.

The books:

I will use the average user rating displayed by Goodreads.


  • I will check Goodreads one month after the release of the latter book (currently, it seems like that will be June 14th), and resolve based on the scores I see for both books on that date.

  • I will use whatever level of precision is displayed by Goodreads. In the event of a tie, both options resolve to 50%.


RuPaul blurb:

A profound introspection of his life, relationships, and identity, The House of Hidden Meanings is a self-portrait of the legendary icon on the road to global fame and changing the way the world thinks about drag.

Ghostface Killah blurb:

Rise of a Killah , Ghost’s autobiography, is intense rather than comprehensive, looking back at his childhood in Staten Island, his commitment to his family (including a brother with muscular dystrophy) and lifelong sidekicks, how crime and violence have affected his life, his fellow Wu-Tang members, a formative touring trip to Japan in 1997, and his art.

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