PISARRO vs CHAGALL: which six figure painting will sell for more at Christie's April 9th Paris auction? (pics included)
resolved Apr 11
CAMILLE PISARRO - Vue sur la gare d'Orléans
MARC CHAGALL - Amoureux au bouquet de fleurs

This market is a duel between two valuable paintings listed for Christie's "Art Impressionniste & Moderne" live auction in Paris.

Both were given the same initial estimates by Christie's: EUR 400,000 – EUR 600,000. This market resolves to the painting which the Christie's website lists with a higher sale value at the auction.

Resolution details:

  • Example from a past auction: this painting by Gentilesch has a "price realised" of USD 982,800. This is the number I will use—whatever is displayed by the auction page.

  • Edge cases:

    • If either painting is withdrawn before the auction, or I am unable to determine the sale price, it resolves N/A.

    • If one fails to sell at the auction, it resolves to the other.

    • If there's a tie (or they both fail to sell at the auction), both resolve at 50%. .

    • If any scenarios for resolution are unclear, please ask.

CAMILLE PISARRO - Vue sur la gare d'Orléans

Camille Pisarro was an influential 19th century French impressionist, and "the only artist to have shown his work at all eight Paris Impressionist exhibitions".

MARC CHAGALL - Amoureux au bouquet de fleurs

In the 1950s, the artist's iconographic elements took on a clearly defined place in space, and the transitions between colours became smoother and more harmonious. In Amoureux au bouquet de fleurs, for example, the motifs are both distinct and intertwined, seeming to grow out of each other.A monumental spray of colourful flowers occupies the centre of the composition, surmounting a basket of fruit placed on the roof of a house. This combination of motifs evokes the fullness of life and its gifts, a celebration of natural and spiritual abundance.

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@traders Absolute blow out, not even close. The Pisarro only sold for EUR 277,200, well below its minimum estimate (I'm surprised that wasn't below its reserve tbh). The Chagall crushed its estimates with EUR 655,200. This will resolve to Chagall.

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