Will there be French boots on the ground in Ukraine by the end of 2024
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I am not exactly sure if this counts as a resolution, but there is a report saying they have been sent. I have not seen this report substantiated though


@barbarous That's from Stephen Bryen, he's an anti-west fake news peddler

How is this defined? What about current French soldiers in Ukraine?

@RemNi Good question. Honestly, I didn’t know there were already French soldiers there. Can you provide a source for that? Are they there officially, under French command, or just as individuals who volunteered? If the latter, I think we can reasonably distinguish those two situations. If the former, we might need to N/A the question entirely.

@RemNi Idk, but I tried to define it in the linked question. I didn't see this here question at the time so the formulation is similar. It currently has lower chance although all of of NATO counts, but might be reasonable anyway since it expires already in Sept.