Will Trump have a cell mate before he has a running mate?
Sep 29

Resolves yes if Trump is sentenced to any time in jail (and share space with another prisoner) before he formally announces a running mate. Resolves no if his running mate is announced beforehand. Resolves 50% if his cell mate is his running mate and its like a love at first sight kind of thing.

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CONVICTED! He's eligible for up to 4 years in prison and Merchan is tough on white collar crime.

To be clear, are we talking about jail (which usually happens before a criminal conviction, if the accused is a flight risk. Sometimes minor criminals go here as well after they are sentenced) or prison (where you go after committing a major crime). Does market resolve when he is sentenced, or whem he actually shares the cell?

@GG When he is verifiably sharing a cell or something close enough to a cell with another human being.

@ZacParker Does the other human being have to be a prisoner?

@HankyUSA I would say yes, a member of the Secret Service or a social worker would not count as a cell mate.

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Surely, given his high profile, he'd qualify for solitary confinement.

@GG solitary or house arrest, someone should be making Trump branded imitation ankle monitors just in case.

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