Will Putin be the leader of Russia during the entire 2022?

Resolves NO, if at some point during 2022 Vladimir Putin stops being the ruler of Russia. Also resolves NO if there is somehow no Russia or more than one Russia and at least one of them is Putin-less. Resolves YES if nothing weird like that happens by New Year, Moscow time.

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Tomek K ☑️
is predicting YES at 95%
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I asked the AI to draw me a picture of Putin getting backstabbed. But instead it got this image of Putin... being possessed by Voldemort... while holding a giant butter knife in one hand and a giant chopstick in another...? And also everything's on fire? I'm not really sure what's going on here.

Vladimir Putin being stabbed by Volodymyr Zelensky
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switching from yes to no because 98% seems pretty high for something like "a world leader of a nation currently undergoing significant strife lasts another 3 months".

Definitely put the odds above, say, 90% or whatever, though.

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@Adam looking pretty smart getting out at 98% :P

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Symbol Project
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Yevhenii Diomidov
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Yev ✔️
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If he upgrades his title from President to Emperor or Tsar, he is still the "leader". If someone else becomes president, that's a NO.
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What happens if Putin is no longer President? Is he still the "leader" if he is seen as still controlling Russia in some way?
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Andrew Doris
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I accidentally hit the wrong button haha. But I guess I'll accidentally hedge my bets
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This is the inverse of https://manifold.markets/Nostradamnedus/will-putin-be-overthrown-during-202