Will Destiny post a video in January that reaches 400k views?
resolved Jan 27

Resolves YES if any video posted in January on the Destiny channel has 400k or more views by Jan 31st 11:59pm. Shorts and VODs don't count.

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I lost so much...

Why did the views go up by 2k????

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@Simon1551 I too found that odd

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@Simon1551 and its still going up

@EntireTwix Well right now it's back to it's normal growth around 150 views per hour but yesterday it was double for no reason

@EntireTwix Maybe it's because it was close to 400k views people were curious

I'm gonna keep collecting data on this video I'm sure the views will drop dramatically because someone was manipulating it.

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@Simon1551 even if someone was like @Catnee claims, it still wouldn't make holding onto NO shares on the 21st rational

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@EntireTwix 21st onward rather

@EntireTwix Well I've been betting on these # of views before the end of the month type of markets and most videos uploaded just don't reach 400k and I watched that JustPearlyThings vs Destiny on Andrew Tate and it really wasn't that interesting it doesn't make sense that it got so much traction for almost 2 weeks most videos die within a week or so... Maybe it was an exception but 400k idk. I'll just check to see if I'm not crazy 😅

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@EntireTwix What's this?

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@Simon1551 these were my predictions across the days compared to the market probability at the time

The following market

I have negative 630 mana

@Simon1551 W, loans be wild

@Simon1551 Someone lend me a rope pls

@DesTiny I wish we could opt out of loans

@Simon1551 idk I think they're overall good, the interest is like 2%. You just already invested what you got back from loans in other markets

@DesTiny It's not because it's good overall that we shouldn't have an option to not get loans.

@Simon1551 yes it is, nerd

@Simon1551 idk even know what you said, there were like 10 double negatives in that sentence

@DesTiny I'm saying that I agree with you ret- stuupid. BUT WE CAN STILL HAVE AN OPTION TO NOT GET LOANS 😤

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@DesTiny if the # of double negatives is even then its a positive statement :)