Will Destiny post a video in February that reaches 500k views?
resolved Mar 1

Resolves YES if any video posted in February on the Destiny channel has 500k or more views by market close. Shorts and VODs don't count.

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Imagine holding YES. LUL

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@Simon1551 sc streams gonna make me rich lol

did u sell 😭

This feels like such a shitty way to approach it. Why not extend it into march, but a video posted in february must hit 500k. If he drops an absolute banger on the 26th, it probably won't reach 500k until after

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@blake Okay, then why stop at march? Why not go for the entire year? Or the next year? Your logic is that a video has not reached its highest view count only after February, but this would always be true until the end of time.

@bingeworthy My problem isn't with the peak of the view count, but the fact that it hasn't even had time to level off. Videos continue getting traction for a few days

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@blake Still seems super arbitrary. The question 'Will any video posted in February reach 500k views in February' is a lot simpler than 'Will any video posted in February reach 500k views by a certain time in March.'

@bingeworthy Another option is Will any video reach 500k in february (including ones posted before)

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@blake You can create that market yourself.

@blake Be the change you want to see in the world. Preferably make markets where normally it'd be a johnleoks market because fuck that dude

With the video averaging slightly over 9k views/day, it is going to be REALLY close by the end of the month. too risky for me, I’m out. Good luck everyone!

Weak hands

It took damn near a whole month for a video to reach 400k views video back in January. we're almost halfway into February. Taking the safe bet here, unless some new crazy drama pops up we should be good.

@ChaseTheBag So many February copers forget that there's only 28 days 🤣 😭

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@ChaseTheBag https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OUDXWzqLDis it took 14 days. I don't know what the projections are for https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0osiKaM4rcU but while 10k a day is a lot to ask, I still like the odds

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@dgga cope

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@Gen your loses are my gains, my loses are your gains. You are truly the yin to my yang.

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@EugeneBixby That sounded like the beginning of a poem how romantic

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@EugeneBixby If we could ever combine our brains we’d be billionaires (or broke) 🧠

I'm either gonna rack in some sweet profit from people getting their hopes up on their pearlythings vid or imma get fucked by the alg blowing up some post later this month...

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not that sweet though 1000 fake moneys isn't all that great payoff for losing 2k in liquidity for the rest of the month, not that I was likely to find something else better to put it in

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@someguy2776 we should have bought more

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I'm confused how this is so low, but this one is so high?

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>advertise own market by pretending to not understand why there is difference in arbitrage

I see what youre doing

@ShahriarRahman To be clear I was wondering why the market I link was so low compared to this one, though there may have been other incentives