[English] I'm auctioning away Ṁ1000. Will the highest bid be at least Ṁ500?
resolved Jan 28

I am running an auction. This market resolves based on the value of the winning bid. To the winner, I will send a manalink for Ṁ1000. The rules are as follows:

This market is one in a series of different types of auctions. This auction is structured as an English auction. Bidders bid by sending me a manalink equal to the value of your bid. You can do this on Discord (DesTiny#9607). Once I claim your manalink, your bid is confirmed. (Later bids sum with earlier ones, so your bid is the total value of mana you've sent me.) 

I will update this description with each new highest bid as I receive it. If anyone accidentally sends me a manalink that is too low to be a valid bid, I will not claim it. If multiple people try to bid the same amount at almost the same time, I'll try to claim the one that was sent first.

For example, Alice sends me a manalink for Ṁ1. Alice has the highest bid. Bob then sends me a manalink for Ṁ2, and Bob has the highest bid. Alice then sends me a manalink for Ṁ2, making her total bid Ṁ3. If no one outbids Alice by market close, I will send her Ṁ1000, and she turns an overall profit of Ṁ997, and Bob will still get his money back even though he lost. If you have any questions please ask.

Thank you to @yaboi69 for coming to me with the idea for these markets!

Current highest bid: Ṁ1337 @Zardoru

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I'm the prize

@BrianParnell why did you buy no?

@Simon1551 Brian is just on a different level

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I might bid 1k for no profit

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How many bids? Were there?

@Simon1551 3 I think lol

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Insurance market just in case:

Are losing bids refunded?

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@A yes I will add that, this is structured like a regular english auction