Will Destiny debate Ben Shapiro within 2023?
resolved Dec 31

If Destiny debates or gets on a call with Ben Shapirowithin 2023 even for a debate or a call then - Yes

If not- NO

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If anybody is interested, I made a large limit-order for NO at 3%.

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Happy to! I like having one less market I have to keep an eye out for potential shocking news from.

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kill me

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Sad Mask GIF by Pudgy Penguins

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gonna bet against the crowd despite all evidence that this is the wrong call

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@ZacharyOlson I voted yes before the reschedule. I'm sticking with it too.

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@ZacharyOlson It worked for me.

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Holding til resolution

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Cashing out.

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@adjo pic/gifs wont load for me atm, but im guessing we rolling in cash, see you at the top king

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Easiest gamble of my life and i dont even know why this dipped

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Easy wins

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NOOOOOO - I sold my 20k NOs when Destiny said they would debate on the 21st

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Well, has been a nice run but I’m never gonna financially recover from this.

Bye bye manifold 🫡

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@YE2 All I see is 2k Mana and a dream!

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just zoom in really far on the graph and start over again 🙏

@YE2 I've had worse. The profit margins are from yesterday to today. Every day. Some days are better than others.

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Congrats @Skrape

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@PunishedFurry In hindsight it's not that surprising that with three busy internet personalities there would be some scheduling conflicts, but I really didn't expect it to be pushed back almost 2 months!!!

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Pour one out for the homies

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@PunishedFurry Story 3 in pics

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