Will Destiny get "video-gamed" in 2023?
resolved Jan 1

Considering the "Muslim Arc", will Destiny get "video-gamed" by the end of the year?

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I think this is a market on whether destiny gets assassinated by a muslim like Pim Fortuyn / Theo van Gogh / the entire staff of Charlie Hebdo / almost Salman Rushdie

Uh, I'm confused right now.

@RobinGreen they probably want to know whether he will be killed this year. It's a meme that exists because Destiny likes to joke about killing people. At some point he was banned on twitch because of that so he started adding "in a video game" to his death threats ("I'll kill you. In a video game.").

But there is no rule against making markets on individuals deaths on manifold, so this could also just be a market to steal some mana from users. I think it is possible that admins wouldn't re-resolve this market if Vampiro resolves YES with some private definition for "video-gamed". It's probably best not to bet on this market.