Leo Messi 🐐⚽ 2024 Stats & Performance
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Messi scores a hat trick in any MLS match this season
Messi wins MVP (Most Valuable Player) for 2024 MLS season
Messi announces retirement
Breaks Inter Miami all-time assist record in 2024
Becomes Inter Miami all-time goalscorer in Spring 2024
Becomes Inter Miami all-time goalscorer in Summer 2024
Becomes Inter Miami all-time goalscorer in Fall 2024
Messi accepts Argentina's invitation to play at Paris Summer Olympics
Messi surpasses Leonardo Campana total goalscores for Miami anytime in 2024
Becomes Inter Miami all-time goalscorer during Leagues Cup
Messi scores 2+ goals in April 2024
Messi scores 3+ goals in April 2024
Messi scores 5+ goals in April 2024
Messi gets a yellow card in April 2024
  • For club or country in any match played in stated month / 2024

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Scores against El Salvador (March 22)

Messi not playing or in the bench. Resolves NO, thank you!

bought αΉ€5 Messi scores a hat t... YES

@UniversalFC Can you open this up for adding questions? Thank you!

Messi not in starting lineup for any MLS match in March

@UniversalFC Looks like he isn’t in the starting lineup today, how is this going to resolve?

Messi not in starting lineup for any MLS match in March

@UniversalFC can resolve this one NO? Since he has started one MLS game in March

@RS Basically we wait to see if he is not in the starting lineup for any of the other games in March.

@UniversalFC Ah OK I think I misunderstood. So it resolves YES if he doesn't start every game, and NO if he does start every game?

@RS Based on wording looks like it will resolve No if he starts at least one match.

@KeenenWatts I was trying to say, yes or no, he misses a game in March. Worded it weird, not sure how to fix it?

bought αΉ€10 Messi scores 5+ goal... NO

@UniversalFC This is still unclear. How will this resolve? What are the conditions?

@NFL Looking at it now, him not being in the game yesterday would be resolved yes with my original interpretation. That is what I was trying to ask. I'm going to N/A it because I can see how it can be interpreted differently. I'll write it better next month.

bought αΉ€10 Messi not in startin... NO
bought αΉ€10 Messi scores 3+ goal... NO