Will the SBF investment in Anthropic be sold before close date in May 2024?
May 3

I imagine this might be sold to pay creditors in the bankruptcy.

Yes = at least 50% of the stake is sold, for any amount of money, we know about it in public news.

No = it is not >= 50% sold or know to be sold by the end date

The title is not clear but YES if it is sold according to above criteria in 2023 or 2024 until the close date which shall not be changed

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@Undox Does all of it have to be sold for a YES resolution? Or most of it? Or just some?

@chrisjbillington see description - 50% or more

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@Undox Thanks. I'm seeing it's not finalised yet (at least, not seeing news that it is):


The sales are not yet final and must be cleared by Judge John Dorsey, who is overseeing FTX’s bankruptcy case in Delaware. Should it be approved, the sale would collectively account for nearly two-thirds of FTX’s shares in Anthropic.

Do you need it to be cleared by the bankruptcy judge and made official in order to resolve YES?