Will I dump my Coinbase shares in 2024?
Dec 31

I got a small amount of coinbase shares at a bargain basement steal price of around $300 a while back.

I kind of buried my head in the sand, but now there might be a chance to dump them for a profit if this crypto cycle keeps going. I probably would sell them at $350-$400 just to feel like well I got an OK return on them over 2 years.

But I might change my mind, get greedier or more fearful. So there is a human element, as well as being a kind of "will the share price cross X" type market.

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Nice, with BTC price action, reckon we'll get another 10% rally today from greater fools. As a fool myself hoping to dump these hot potatoes. But when will the music stop this time, and will I go bust?

Coinbase is now at $200 so 2/3rds of the buy price. I expect another dip (to follow bitcoin), and then who knows it may bull market again, or it might just be over for overpriced crypto for this run. I think 64% is quite optimistic still, as I need it to double again to be interesting :-).