Will I create a career plan in a week?
May 20
M$76 bet
This is a personal goal market, for a slight carrot / big stick in terms of Mana. Resolves YES if I achieve the goal. NO otherwise. Liquidity slowly added to keep prob at 90% until $500 is staked by myself. (This gives multiple people a chance to bet, not just first person to get a good deal if I use 500 liquidity from the outset. Goal: By the time this market closes, have I come up with a broad career strategy for the next 5 years? Info: I don't have one now, but lots of conscious thoughts. The idea is get them on a google doc, and then based on what is important to me, and my "S.W.O.T." model I guess, come up with a plan. The plan itself will likely continually change. An important part of the plan is the whys, which I can then refer to as time goes on and I adjust it. This is not a daily free market, so proper staking! For: I have started the process of thinking about it. Desire to do so. Virtually no social life to distract me. Against: Chronic fatigue. Procrastination. Fear.