Given that the Bitcoin market (see below) resolves in my favour, and given that charity donations don't affect profit, will I give M$4000 to charity?
May 9
M$1 bet
(a) Resolves N/A if this market is not resolved NO by market close. (b) Also resolves N/A if giving M$ to charity will negatively affect my profit shown in portfolio or leaderboard. (c) Otherwise, resolves YES if I give the M$4000 proceeds to charity within a week of the resolution, or if I miss the week due to force majeure, a reasonable time. (d) If clauses a or b don't trigger, and I decide not to donate or I forget and there is no good excuse, resolves NO. Any charitable donations prior to the market resolution don't count towards the 4000. May 9, 1:35pm: No interest, so closing

Undox 17 days ago

In addition, if I make money I will donate the proceeds of this market to charity. By betting NO you encourage me to make the donation, and your lost money (minus 1% platform fee) will also go to charity. I can't stop you but I discourage trading in the market, I.e. selling your NO stake for a profit or buying YES after someone buys NO.