Will there be a publicized legal dispute between Ronna McDaniel and NBC News in 2024?

This market resolves as Yes if, by 12/31/2024, a publicized legal dispute between Ronna McDaniel and NBC News is reported by at least two credible news sources. The dispute must directly pertain to McDaniel's hiring as an on-air political commentator, her brief four-day tenure, and the circumstances leading to her termination.

The term "publicized legal dispute" encompasses formal legal actions (e.g., lawsuits, arbitration proceedings, legal notices or settlement) initiated by either party that are reported in mainstream media or legal trade publications. It does not include informal negotiations, private discussions, or unconfirmed rumors of legal actions (confirmation by mainstream media sources count, even if anonymous).

Background Info

Ronna McDaniel, previously the chairwoman of the Republican National Committee, was appointed as an on-air political commentator by NBC News, sparking immediate and widespread controversy both within the network and among its viewership. Critics cited McDaniel's past actions and statements, her association with Donald Trump's presidency, and her involvement in propagating claims about the 2020 election. This resulted in a precipitous end to her tenure at NBC after just four days, marked by significant internal dissent and the loss of her representation by Creative Artists Agency.

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The ramifications of NBC’s decision yesterday to part ways with contributor RONNA McDANIEL just two days after her paid network debut on “Meet the Press” are just starting to shake out. But they could be expensive.

McDaniel expects to be fully paid out for her contract, two years at $300,000 annually, since she did not breach its terms, we’re told — meaning that her single, not-quite-20-minute interview Sunday could cost the Peacock more than $30,000 per minute, or $500 per second.

That’s just one tidbit we’ve picked up from McDaniel’s side of things following yesterday’s announcement from NBCUniversal News Group Chair CESAR CONDE, and it might be just the beginning of the fallout. McDaniel spoke yesterday with BRYAN FREEDMAN, renowned lawyer to the estranged cable-news stars, to discuss legal options even beyond recouping the dollar value of her original contract.

While no arrangement is final, a person close to McDaniel tells us, Freedman would be an obvious choice: He represented MEGYN KELLY in her own acrimonious parting with NBC, as well as ousted anchors CHRIS CUOMO, DON LEMON and TUCKER CARLSON in disputes with their respective former networks.

McDaniel, we’re told, is exploring potential defamation and hostile work environment torts after MSNBC’s top talent — momentarily her colleagues — took turns Monday blasting her on air. (NBC declined to comment about the $600,000 figure or her potential claims.)