Will a new official English release of a novel in the Monogatari series be announced in 2024?

The first three seasons of the Monogatari novels were released in English by Vertical—later Kodansha, following a merger—between 2015 and 2020. After the third season, however, the releases stopped, and we've had no additional official English Monogatari-novel-releases since then.

However, in January of 2024, we got the announcement that the Monogatari anime—which finished its third season in 2019 and then similarly stopped for a while—was going to go forward with adapting the fourth and fifth seasons of the novels. Which leaves an obvious question: will this translate, some time before the end of the year, into a similar announcement of the continuation of the English releases of the novels?

This market will resolve Yes if any such release is formally announced before the end of 2024, including cases where the release itself doesn't happen in 2024, and even those where there's no concretely-defined future release date at all. It will not resolve Yes for rumors in the absence of a formal announcement.

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