Will there be a Peach player in the top 10 of the 2023 Super Smash Bros Melee year-end rankings?
resolved Jan 27

This market resolves to YES if there is a Peach player in the top 10 of the 2023 SSBMRank (or equivalent successor competitive melee ranking system).

If there are no Peach players in the top 10 this market will resolve to NO.

People who have Peach as a co-main (the ranking system lists them as having two mains, one of which is Peach) count as Peach players for this question.

People who have Peach listed as a secondary (the ranking system lists Peach as one of their secondary characters, e.g. JJM on the 2022 SSBM rank) ALSO count as Peach players for the purposes of this question.

For reference: https://liquipedia.net/smash/SSBMRank

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now that wizzy/plup are confirmed active, the top 10 is extremely hard to break into; llod/trif are having a very good year, but aren't going to get the benefit of the doubt for activity and needs to step it up multiple notches

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Llod looking crazy recently. Just needs to have some more consistent attendance and it's a lock.

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@HIPSTERPOTAMUS I take this back after the salt loss. It's less attendance and more MU grinding because of the struggles against (non-falco) fast fallers. However, trif has done quite well recently, but not enough imo

This is a tough one.

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