Will PPMD compete in the SSBM singles bracket of a major tournament before 2025?

A major tournament will be defined for the purposes of this question as an offline tournament with at least 200 entrants AND at least 2 of the most recent SSBMRank's top 10 players in attendance.

Alternatively, any tournament with at least 5 of the most recent SSBMRank's top 10 players in attendance, including invitationals like Summit, would also qualify.

This market will resolve to YES if PPMD enters and then plays at least one set of Smash Melee singles in one of these major tournaments before 00:01 Jan 1, 2025 UTC+00:00.

If he has not played at least one set in a major tournament by that time, this market will resolve to NO.

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thanks for making this poll. i can dump my money on no and pray that i lose it

predicts YES

uhhhhhhh lets go ppmd

wait fuck I hit the wrong button

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