Will Peter Dutton be leader of the Liberal Party of Australia on election day of the next Australian federal election?

The next federal election to elect the 48th Parliament of Australia must take place before 27th September 2025. If Peter Dutton is the leader of the Liberal Party at any point on election day, this market will resolve to YES.

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I made a free-response market for Liberal leadership:

I think Yes, (I'm now going to give my opinion as a non Aussie)

He seems to be the head of the dominant Conservative block of the Liberal party and the Party doesn't appear to be ready to have the internal discussions it needs in order to evolve. I don't see any challengers and with him levelling everything at the Voice so far he's fairly safe as the party focuses on trying to cripple Albo.

Even if they lose on the voice. I don't see any other faction rallying behind a faction enough to unseat him.

I hope Aussie Politicians have learned the lessons of the Rudd-Gillard-Rudd, Abbot-Turnbull-Scomo tumults

My heart says no, they'll axe him just before the start of the campaign, my head says it's harder to vanquish Voldemort than you'd think