Will Nintendo release a successor to their Switch console before the end of 2024?

Feel feel to ask questions in the comments about the resolution criteria if there's anything you're wondering about.

If it can play games that the old Switch can't, then even if it's fully backwards compatible, I'll probably count it as a successor (as in the case of game boy advance to game boy colour, or wii to gamecube).

If the Switch can play all the games that the successor can, then I probably won't count it (e.g. 2DS, Switch OLED, Advance SP).

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Going all-in on the reliability of Eurogamer reporting: https://www.eurogamer.net/nintendo-switch-2-release-date-now-q1-2025-report

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Why is this market so high?

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Lots of rumours saying it might be coming in 2024.

That said, it is odd that they’d announce/release such a glut of big-ticket titles like Mario Wonder if the new console was dropping next year. You think they’d wait to ship them on the new one.

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