Will Linus Media Group hold a large Smash Bros. tournament that goes against Nintendo's guidelines before 2025?

On the October 27th episode of the WAN show (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZOQOQqxemOI) on the Linus Tech Tips channel, Linus expressed an interest in holding a Smash Bros. tournament that deliberately breaks the new Nintendo tournament guidelines published on the 25th October.

If such a tournament goes ahead before 2025, this question will resolve YES.

If such a tournament has not happened by the time 2025 begins, this question will resolve NO.

I'll be open-minded and lenient about what gets to count as a tournament that breaks the guidelines for the purposes of this question. However, I will require for this question to resolve YES that there must be at least 201 entrants (in opposition to the Nintendo guidelines that puts the cap at 200 participants). If they decide to hold a much smaller tournament that technically breaks other guidelines I won't consider that as having held a large tournament.

I will consider tourneys with over 200 entrants but with a few DQs and no shows etc. that if subtracted would cause the total to be fewer than 201 to still to be a tournament over 200 entrants.

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