Will Ciryl Gane beat Jon Jones at UFC 285?
resolved Mar 5

Ciryl Gane is scheduled to fight Jon Jones in a mixed martial arts bout at UFC 285 on the 4th of March, 2023 in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. They will be fighting for the vacant UFC Heavyweight Championship.

If Gane wins this fight, then this market will resolve to YES.

If Jones wins this fight, or if the fight is a draw, or if the result of the fight is a No Contest, then this market will resolve to NO.

If the fight is pulled from UFC 285, then this market will also resolve to NO.

I will be resolving this market soon after results are first known. This market will therefore not take into account situations where results are overturned a long time after the event.

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The market says it will close march 6th. Does that mean, you will be able to bet while the fight goes on? If you can still change it, might be better to close before the fight starts

@ChrisM I think livebetting is fine, this is a fixed payout market so other people betting doesn't affect your payout. I don't make multiple-choice markets anymore because they run on paramutuel payouts, which means someone's bet might be devalued if someone else comes along and bets, but in fixed markets there's no issue.