Israel directly strikes Iran by May
resolved Apr 19

Proxy (eg arming/inciting a group to attack) attacks don’t count. Damage must violate Iranian territory (including embassies) or a foreign base, but striking a proxy group (like Hezbollah) won’t count.

Surgical retaliation (eg an assassination) will count so long as it occurs in any of the aforementioned domains.

Market won’t resolve til >3 days after close date to account for delay between the event and report (with a prolonged delay should a thereto unsubstantiated allegation emerge). Once resolved, the resolution won’t change even if new information comes to light.

Closes 00:00 May 1st, GMT

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@Traveel why this rushed resolution? You wrote: "Market won’t resolve til >3 days after close date"

@Jan53274 The 3+ day delay from close date was meant to account for news not breaking out immediately.

I didn’t resolve it earlier when it was just US officials, but it’s been confirmed by multiple Iranian, Israeli, and US officials according to the NYT, which is credible.

@Traveel NYT credible?.. 😒

“The Israeli military struck Iran early on Friday, according to two Israeli and three Iranian officials, …hit[ting] a military air base near the city of Isfahan, in central Iran”

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