Will Taylor Swift release a song about Travis Kelce before 2026?
resolved Jun 17

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@Tossup what does confirmation look like here? e.g. if a song is generally by consensus thought to be about kelce (according to media, fans, genius.com, etc), does that count? because if the bar is higher (she explicitly says so), then I'd think very few songs count as being "about" anyone—normally people just agree about what the lyrics mean

General consensus. I’ll use my best judgement.

I’m hoping that it should be clear since he’s the only football player she’s dated, and she doesn’t usually write songs about football.

Got it. In that case, I would propose that "The Alchemy" should fairly straightforwardly count?

It's loaded with Travis Kelce references (Genius covers some of them), but the main part isn't very subtle—she structures this song about this guy she's so attracted to (i.e. "the alchemy") using an extended football metaphor ("touchdown" "cut the amateurs from the team", "warm the benches", "winning streak", "greatest in the league", "where's the trophy he just comes running over to me", I mean it's the whole song).

The media is in basic consensus about the subject (example, example). And glancing at Swiftie consensus is pretty clear as well (reddit discussion thread is all about Travis).

(FWIW, the consensus is that "So Highschool" is also about Travis, with some very specific references as well, but I figure the football song is the more obvious place to start)

Yes, I agree.

She never actually confirms this, so will need clarification on what confirmation entails — likely press coverage of rumors? Search trends?

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