Will I regret attending Manifest?
resolved Jun 10

Currently backpacking through Asia. Total cost of attending with flights and housing will probably be around 4000 dollars, and will probably be jetlagged for the event. Resolved at market if I decide not to go.

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Resolved at market

Don't do this. This makes for a strange game market. The correct thing to do is to resolve N/A if you decide not to go.

@Shelvacu can you elaborate? Seems correct to me since as market creator you want to incentivize the marginal bet.

@TonyGao Imagine the extreme case, a market "This market resolves to the current shown percentage at <specific date and time>". The best strategy is to buy up all the liquidity at the very last millisecond to make yourself win. You don't want that to be even part of the strategy for this market.

Are you considering the pre-Manifest events as well? Or only Manifest itself?

@shankypanky The full event.

Edit: that is, May 31 to June 9

@TonyGao what did you decide? will we see you there?

@shankypanky pending plane crash, yes

bought Ṁ10 NO

Hmmm, I bet no on instict because I think Manifest was awesome last time and will be again, but how much is $4000 to you?

@Joshua about two standard months budget, which will reduce consumption elsewhere