Will I rank up to Diamond this month?
resolved Jun 1

I am currently rank 1 in my Platinum League (Bayseed Basalisks) https://manifold.markets/leagues. Will I rank up at the end of the month? If Manifold takes a bit more than the end of the month to update, this will still resolve YES if it's obvious it is still for the May league rankings.

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I’ll try not to lose 12k mana in the next few days.

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Don't give up @TobyBW, we believe in you!!

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@TobyBW Damn, I feel you! I had very similar emotions when I lost Ṁ1900 recently on a panic-sell. Couldn't fall asleep for the next hour. Losses hurt. ❤

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@TobyBW hope you didn’t bet real money. betting on you here I just gotta take out Martin. :)

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@TobyBW btw that was some freak of a game end with reviews down to the final fraction of a second. Unfortunate you had bad info, maybe seeing the prices you saw in several markets here should’ve raised a flag? But I guess that’s the nature of real-time sports betting, gotta be quick to catch the opportunities. I can’t see myself ever getting into.

Don’t worry you’ll get back the mana in no time. Good luck!

@deagol Thanks. I haven’t put any real money into Manifold. Even so, I am still a bit upset about the loss, but I know from the past month that I have the ability to earn mana starting from a small budget.

Since I am going to be in a similar position and relatively offline for the next few months, I am considering leaving manifold for a bit. My betting strategy does not work well if I am not actively online. Will probably stay to at least resolve my May markets at the end of the month, then sell most of my positions and donate all but ~1k mana. Maybe I’ll come back after the summer and “start over”.

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I'm back in top 5 baby. Don't need to hedge a thing

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If anyone want to give me profit to manipulate this market, I wouldn’t be opposed 🙂

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Why did you drop so much?

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@hmys Lost 600 cuz xQc did a good speedrun that I bet wouldn’t happen. Then I lost 1000 to a very stupid mistake of betting on the wrong winner of a triathlon. I got 500 of that back in a Manalink but that doesn’t count for the leaderboard

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still trying to get back to top 5, but my position here is a hedge now