Will Elon Musk use the term "democratise AI" until the end of 2023?
resolved Jan 10

This market resolves positively if, until 01.01.2024 UTC+0, Elon Musk uses the term "democratise AI" or "democratising AI" (or minor variations):

  • in writing (e.g. a Tweet, or a direct quote in a newspaper)

  • in speech (e.g. in a discussion panel, or in a tv interview)

This market does not resolve positively if it uses different phrasings to convey similar concepts, like "democratic solutions to AI" or "AI accessed democratically".

It doesn't matter whether Musk uses the term favourably or unfavourably.
It doesn't matter what Musk appends to the term (e.g. "democratise AI Use" vs. "democratise AI Governance").

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Inactive/unresponsive creator, I can't find evidence this happened, resolving NO.

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@chrisjbillington I don't think that's the correct resolution at all—this market didn't rest on Elon Musk ~using~ the term, it rested on him using the term ~when he talked or wrote about these concepts~, which he didn't do imho.

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@gramophone I don't think that's right. The criteria ask whether he will use the term in writing or in speech, there isnt anything implying that a conditional question is being asked.

resolves positively if [...] Elon Musk uses the term "democratise AI" [...]

in writing [...]

in speech [...]

The extra detail after "in writing" and "in speech" are examples, not preconditions.

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You're right, I think i misunderstood the market. [cry]

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Resolution please @TobiasH

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I can't find an interview or tweet where Musk described this concept without using this phrase.

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Similar wavelength?


@TobiasHaeberli Does the comment have to be after market creation? Some google results suggest he has used this term a few years ago - there are articles ostensibly quoting him.

@chrisjbillington I think it should be after the market opening since it's written in the future tense. Sorry if this wasn't well specified!