Will I receive a grant of $50,000 USD before June 1st, 2022?
resolved Jun 2
This market will resolve to YES if I receive a grant for $50k or more before June 1st, 2022. This includes options such as the new FTX philanthropy fund, applying to YC as a non-profit, Uniswap Grants, total donations from individual donors, etc. For the purposes of this market, we will consider both the receipt of funds or a public announcement of the grant as resolving to YES. Mar 2, 7:34am: Any amount above $50k will resolve to YES. Combined grant totals above that amount will resolve to YES. Amounts below $50k resolve to NO Mar 2, 7:46pm: Additional data: I've had two rounds of interviews with the Uniswap Grants Program. Waiting to hear back to see if I'm included in their next wave. The amount would be enough to resolve this contract to YES. Apr 1, 3:47pm: Rejected from FTX Future Fund current cycle Apr 1, 3:47pm: Student enrollment up 10x in the past two weeks May 1, 8:06am: Rejected from uniswap
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You don't mention what for in the description, which I take to be a negative signal.
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The amount seems too ambitious given that a high-measure niche hasn’t been established yet. Hoping to eat my words on this
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I'm just some jabroni iiuc you should put another M$19 into NO, you get free leverage for the first M$20 you bet on any market
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Why would anyone give you a grant? We have no idea who you are. We have no idea if you are actually doing anything to reach any of these goals. Are you going to post your acceptance letters if you do get the grant and resolve to YES?