Will I publicly launch a product before April 21 (the end of the spring semester @ Minerva)?
Apr 27

I've been in tech for a few years. Mainly worked as a web developer, but also taught development and worked on startup ideas. I never publicly launched anything, despite seemingly being well equipped, as well as well-connected for it.

I want to fix this.

Links for reference: https://bento.me/tig-rank

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I believe you'll launch a product at some point but not before April 21. The timing is just insane: you have 10:01, the hackathon, assignments, CCP presentation and etc. However, I don't care as ofc I'm bullish on you whenever you have sth in mind :)

@iatskar wholesome. but. go on and short it 🤺

I agree with Arsenii, I believe you will launch a product sometime this year

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@iatskar @YoyoYuan place your bets.