Which 10 sub-$100 purchases will most significantly improve my quality of life in 2024? [Add Suggestions]
Dec 31
Eyecover (for sleeping)
Bidet Attachment
Bluetooth speaker
Concert tickets
Cannabis edibles
Ice-Cube Tray
Kindle / E-reader
Wireless Phone Charger
Label maker
ChatGPT (Plus) Subscription
Quadlock system
Waking up App
Travel Toothbrush (foldable)
Birkenstock Boston
Headphones designed to be worn while sleeping
Wiim Mini

I'm a 30+ year old male in Europe, this should be enough input about me ;) If you want to know more just ask!

In 2025, I'll plan to return to this market and resolve the 10 answers which most significantly improved my subjective quality of life as "YES." This is true whether they are things I already bought before creating this market, or they are new things that I added to my life (hopefully) as a result of this market. That being said, I will plan to make a concerted effort to experiment with as many doable and cheap answers here that I can (especially if they make sense to me, seem interesting, echo previous advice I've heard, are highly valued by traders, etc.)

Top 10 Purchases sub-$100 (random order) so far:
- Nose Rinsing Pot

Resolved NO so far:
- Weighted Blanket
- Aeropress Coffee Maker

I will link to the versions I used

If I have tried something but it doesn't make the "top 10" cut, I'll resolve to "NO." If I didn't even try the answer, I'll resolve to N/A.

Options that aren't available for 100 dollar or less will resolve to N/A as well.

Credit to @TylerJohnston for his inspiration

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Will try these next

Eyecover (for sleeping)

Anyone a favorite one I need to try?

bought Ṁ70 Answer #c58876107815 NO

Just to much work, sitting still on my kitchen counter.

First clear winner. Tried 4 versions after my second nose surgery in January and this one is the best of the all and can't stop using it twice a day.

Cannabis edibles

I'm actually an hobby edible baker ;)

bought Ṁ170 Answer #916156d0803c NO

Hated it. Way to warm 🥵

Small chance of being by far the best answer.

Ps I will also N/A some answers when I think it's not reasonable available under $100.

If you don't own a high quality mattress, then a high quality mattress topper

@RomeoStevens do you know an high quality topper available for under 100 dollar?

@TheWabiSabi sometimes, amazon basics had a latex alternative one that is sold out right now. I recommend latex or latex alternative and not memory foam as those are mostly low quality. There are also some thinner bamboo ones for cheap if what you want is softer.

A fogless mirror for shaving in the shower

@RomeoStevens will try, was already in my mind

Viscose underwear and undershirts

@RomeoStevens particular brand you're using?

@TheWabiSabi no, just different amazon ones like david archy

a monitor, if you hunch over your laptop regularly

@RomeoStevens $100 monitor is worse then no monitor)

@intiluha @RomeoStevens do you have an example of a good monitor for under 100 dollar?

@TheWabiSabi nope. And my comment is exactly that I think there are no good monitors for under 100 dollar

Instant pot

@RomeoStevens personal favorite?

@TheWabiSabi they're all about the same in their basic capabilities

This would be a very cheap bike ;)

@TheWabiSabi @duck_master do you have an example of a good bike that's less than 100 dollar for this quest?

bought Ṁ5 Answer #787522fa53e0 YES


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