Will Vegapunk reveal the truth about the Void Century?
Mar 2

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Let me know if there's any updates to this, or if it should be reopened!

ok so, how does this resolve? Should it be reopened?

There needs to be a way to report markets that have been abandoned by there creators. @strutheo not sure if manifold could do a thing where once you haven't signed in fo a week they get a notification and can resolve your market or make it NA

I don't work for manifold but it is a good idea for the @mods !

can someone give us context about this market? should we extend the close date or resolve it?

I didn't know who to @ lol I have been seeing a number of dead markets around recently and just figured u would know what to do

i don't follow one piece lol

I think this market should maybe go NA

It has no description. The void century was mentioned but I have no idea what the OP wanted the market to be. Either way most markets around this topic are waiting one more week to resolve. I'm not.a part of this market but there are a number of one piece markets that have been abandoned

do the @ mods thing on any market that's a bandoned and we'll do something with it

Thanks I will do it on any market i find

resolve no

What does "Truth about the Void Century" refer to? Does it mean "Imu exists" or does it mean lore drop and explanation of the ancient kingdom and name and joyboy? If Vegapunk only says Imu exists, then this better end with a "No."

Is this really resolving on March 1? He might reveal something but not in the next two days.

Reveal to us or to the world in-universe? Because I don't think Oda will tell us just yet.

Depends on what you mean by the "truth of the void century"? I think we will get a few more details but not the entire void century flashback yet. If Vegapunk does reveal the entire void century backstory, Oda will offscreen it and just show us people's reaction to it.

idk, I feel like this is something robin has to discover through the poneglyphs

bought Ṁ25 YES

It has to be, right? I really don’t know what else he could be revealing to the entire world.