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closes Mar 1, 2029
If Ron DeSantis is elected president in 2024, what will the average yearly inflation be between Jan 2025 and Jan 2029?
This resolves N/A if Ron DeSantis is not elected president in 2024. Otherwise, this question will resolve based on CPI-U data released by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics data as of March 1st 2029. The resolution will be the change of CPI-U from Janurary 2025 to January 2029, to the power of 1/4 to get a yearly average. The source for the data will be https://fred.stlouisfed.org/series/CPIAUCSL, or another source if that goes down. A similar question for Trump's 2017-2021 term would resolve at 1.85% over the four years, at 1.26% for Obama's 2013-2017 term, and at 2.25% for Obama's 2009-2013 term.
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