If Pete Buttigieg becomes the Democratic nominee, will he win the 2024 election?
Nov 3
Buttigieg was one of the candidates for the Democratic nomination, winning the Iowa caucus in February though dropping out of the race after the South Carolina primary in March. He now has a postition in Biden's government as the Secretary of Transportation. It is possible that he will run again in 2024. One consideration for the Democratic party when choosing a nominee is how likely they are to actually win an election. I thus ask how likely Buttigieg is to win the presidency, if he does run for reelection and is chosen as the Democratic nominee. This resolves N/A if Pete Buttigieg is not the Democratic nominee, and YES or NO depending on whether he becomes the president if he is the nominee. #Politics #USPolitics #2024USPresidentialElection #PeteButtigieg
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No one with that name would ever win the election.

They accuse you of being prejudiced when you say things like this, but you don't have to be prejudiced to recognize that prejudice would have an effect.

He won't win. He won't be the nominee, either.
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