Will Fani Willis be removed from the Georgia election subversion case against Donald Trump?
resolved Mar 16

Trial to determine if she should be removed is currently on its second day. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2024/02/16/live-updates-fani-willis-hearing-trump-election-case/72620596007/

This will be resolved when Judge McAfee renders his decision.
If she resigns and no decision is issued this will resolve yes.

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This can resolve NO. Multiple media outlets have reported the judge ruled she can stay on as top prosecutor.

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Unlike the other markets on this topic, your market says:

This will be resolved when Judge McAfee renders his decision.

Given that the judge released his decision and it doesn't require Fani Willis to resign, I think this market should resolve NO but the other markets should stay open until Fani Willis makes her own decision.

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Nathan Wade visited DA Fani Willis' Georgia neighborhood at least 35 times and stayed overnight BEFORE she hired him as special prosecutor, cellphone data shows. Cellphone data was submitted in court on Friday.

Manifold would be so much more compelling if only I could seriously believe that anyone here had a better source of information than What Anyone Can See In The News.

@ClubmasterTransparent there's no incentive to use sources for play money markets.

@ClubmasterTransparent If everyone saw the same thing in The News, as you put it, we wouldn’t have such a polarized world right? A lot of people on manifold are clearly better than me at interpreting The News.

If you're interest is in the judges decision, then I'd resolve NO. If you're interest is in whether Fani Willis stays on the case, then I'd resolve YES. Either way, you should update the resolution criteria for the possibilities of her resignation or removal from office.

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@TeriDiPiano how does this resolve if Willis's resigns?

@MickBransfield Thank you. I did not think of that. I hope that Judge McAfee renders a decision anyway. How would you resolve if she resigns before he does?

@TeriDiPiano based on the original title of the market "will she be removed" I think it should resolve to NO if she resigns her self as she is not being removed.

@DavidS I'm sorry but I think it should resolve to yes because she would not resign, imo, if there was no case investigating her.

@DavidS You are removed from the case if you resign. Even voluntarily resigning means she will not be allowed to participate in the case, and will be removed.

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